Is Your Web Presence (+ Business) Working for You or Do You Work for It?

Are you in a transition period now in your life and business?

Are you ready for the next incarnation of your work to show up? I help you with the material manifestation of that through your web presence.

Do you need a completely new website, or are you looking for an upgrade of your present site to better reflect your products and services and magnetise your perfect clients?

About You

You are most likely in the wellbeing business, perhaps as a mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher or therapist of some kind. You may already have a web presence, and / or an email list or you may not.

  • You may have lost some of your work right now to CoVid and you are wondering how to pivot and re-design your offerings for the online audience.
  • You may have some recorded audio meditations on Youtube or Insight Timer.
  • You may be feeling a little bit lost right now, and wondering how to get back in touch with your clients, and what to offer them. And once you know what to offer them, how do you sell it in a non-icky, welcoming wholehearted way to them.
  • You may not feel fully at ease in the digital arena and you know this is holding you back from accessing new work and clients online.
  • You may have a website but you feel that it isn't quite grabbing the attention of your right people, you know it needs and upgrade but you are not wanting to DIY it.
  • Or you may not yet have a website and you are wanting to get online but not sure what is involved and maybe you're a little afraid of taking this step.
  • You feel now is the time to streamline your offer and magnetise new clients into your teaching orbit. But how?

How do you create messaging and copy that makes them excited and wanting to jump onto your program asap?

About Me

I live in Bali and I work for clients – helping them attract the right clients through optimising their online presence.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • 1997/8: I worked for the NAB as an Internet Banking customer service person.
  • 1999: I started my career in digital media as an HTML programmer at the theage.com.au
  • 2000: I went to Europe and ended up living in Barcelona, working in a few different jobs before landing a programming gig with a Catalan company.
  • 2005: I moved to the island of Mallorca and started working as a Web Master for a big German real estate agency in Palma de Mallorca.
  • 2010: I started my own online business, TheGlobalYogi.com, which profiled yoga and spirit events, people and places around the world. I sent out a newsletter to up to 3000 people at the height of my success.
  • 2011: I was Media Coordinator for one of the earliest editions of the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali.
  • 2014: I was a contractor for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (Sydney) working as a Web Specialist, managing weekly email sends (technical side) to a 200,000+ database of subscribers in Australia.
  • 2017: I became a Yoga and Meditation teacher (with a personal practice spanning 15 years).
  • 2018 - Now: I have been a contractor for the Happy Buddha Retreat, writing many articles for them as well as doing web development and admin.
  • NOW: I am in another life transition and I am dedicating my energy to supporting your business through creating or upgrading your online presence so that your message is clear and you magnetise a stream of perfect clients, perhaps in ways you had never even thought of! Ready?

Recent Work

Most recently I created a website as the very first online presence for Ming George, a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher in the Byron Bay area.

Other recent clients

Happy Buddha Retreats