Inner Alchemy ~

Heal, Grow and Transform with

Michelle Taffe: Spiritual Mentor,

Writer, Teacher

What is Inner Alchemy?

Inner Alchemy is the subtle art of self-transformation. I am focused on helping people live their greatest life. For most of us, this requires introspection Рto understand what our greatest life looks like, and to heal whatever traumas are preventing us from living it.  Unhealed and unattended traumas, often from childhood, lead to self-sabotage in adulthood. At some level most people have some sort of trauma or wounding. And the process of life for everyone is a journey of healing, feeling and expressing. I also help those who may not feel traumatised but know that there is a deeper level of life that they can tap into, and need some guidance with dissolving of the obstacles (beliefs / patterns) that are blocking them from accessing that level.

This is our process:

  1. We investigate our inner state: our patterns; our beliefs; our recurrent thoughts; what we learnt from our parents.
  2. We understand that this as our base material.
  3. We release all victim mentalities and ‘why me’s’ from our consciousness.
  4. We accept the good, the bad, the hard, the beautiful and the ugly that we have inherited from our forbears and we have been given by life.
  5. We forgive ourselves and others for whatever needs to be forgiven. We don’t force ourselves to be forgiving or to forgive if it doesn’t feel right or appropriate at that moment.
  6. We take our base material, deconstruct it and then alchemise it into gold.
  7. We use this gold to shine our brightest selves out into the world.

The alchemy process is a combination of all that I have learned over my life’s journey so far, about healing body, mind and soul and coming into alignment with source energy and with your higher self (that is – not the small-s-self or ego-self, but the Self that knows it is part of the whole – source energy.)

As outlined above, there are a number of steps in the process of alchemising our pain, fear and drama into our highest love.

Step One is becoming aware: Are there re-current themes in your life that are blocking your from realising your dreams, or from progressing in your life?

Identify them.

  • Name them
  • What do they look like?
  • What do they feel like?
  • Do they come with physical manifestations (contraction or tension)?
  • How do you interact with them?


I offer One-to-One Spiritual Mentoring Sessions to help you gain clarity around whatever you are currently going through, as well as a deeper sense of who you are and what your mission is in this life. I understand that it is a great privilege to be able to help others in this way, and it is also a great joy for me. Seeing the transformation of people in front of me is what inspires me to do this work.

My practice is called Spiritual Mentoring because I am basically guiding you deeper towards your own space of trust and inner knowing which is always present in you. I am the witness and the mirror for your inner states, and I am the un-tangling facilitator, helping you to see where the knots are and how to untie them. I don’t give you answers but I help you to find them deep inside of yourself, like a miner shining a torch into the dark parts of the psyche to help see that darkness is dispelled with the light of wisdom and understanding. My practice is founded in my twin ground practices of Buddhist Insight meditation (Vipassana) and in a holistic Yoga practice (asana, codes of behaviour, concentration,¬†meditation, breathwork and bliss states). I am also a Reiki practitioner and will use this energy (unconditional love) where and when appropriate.

My goal is that you become your own best friend and learn how to have deep and continual access to your own inner teacher, through techniques such as meditation, concentration and insight. You may need only one session for a deep understanding of a persistent issue, or you may need several sessions. This is very personal and will be different for everyone.

All of us at some stage go through depression, anxiety, regret, despair, the feeling of being lost and at sea in your own life, and outer manifestations of this like loss of relationships, work situations and people who you love. This is also a normal part of the process of life. It’s cyclical, like the seasons. Sometimes we shed, sometimes we hibernate, sometimes we blossom and sometimes we enjoy the fully power of our inner summer.

The key to learning and growing through these uncertain states is through first allowing and fully accepting them. Then we are able to receive the messages and the understanding waiting for us in this process.