Are you ready to discover what is blocking you from loving yourself and living a life in harmony with your higher self?

I work with you one on one via Skype to help you to see any belief patterns that may be blocking you from living your truth.

If you feel like something is not quite right, and that the you that you are showing to the world is not the true you, then you may be trying to live up to someone else’s expectations rather than really being yourself.

I help you understand and heal underlying behaviour patterns such as people pleasing sabotage that you may not be aware of.

I work with the tools of Mindfulness, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and the power of witnessing and mirroring. I also have a range of techniques and exercises that I can prescribe for you for getting back in touch with you who really are.

I also use the tools of creativity – journalling, poetry and art practice to help you see your inner themes and whatever may be getting in your way to you being fully yourself.

Book a 30 minute discovery call with me today to see if we are a good match to work together.

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