About Michelle Taffe

Hello! My mission is to help you to live your greatest life!

I do this through helping you to heal from trauma, dissolve inner and outer blocks and reconnect to your true self.  I use the tools of self-enquiry, witness consciousness, meditation and yoga to help you become empowered to create a life you love.

I also integrate the teachings of NLP, hypnotherapy, and the Work of Byron Katie, affirmations, journalling for self-enquiry as well as Reiki energy (the healing energy of unconditional love). Depending on the specific needs of my client I will use a combination of these methods.

My name is Michelle Taffe and I am a writer, yoga and meditation teacher, self-empowerment mentor born in Australia in 1974.

I feel very deeply and I channel my feelings through writing, art and music. It’s a challenge living in the century we live in, for me. I feel I belong more to the 17th or 18th centuries. Around the time of Mozart.

As an empath I have the ability to sense and intuit things about other people. I am able to see and feel what it is that they are holding back and not saying, or what erroneous beliefs they have taken on.

I can walk into a room and I know at once who is angry, who is happy, who is conflicted, who is depressed. 

Having these gifts can be a double-edged sword, as you can easily start to think that because you have access to the feelings of others, that you are also causing them in some way. Which is not true. But that can take a lifetime to learn.

If you are also an empath and on a path of self healing, self knowledge and self understanding, and need someone to help mirror back to you what you are going through, then I might be able to help. To help you with your own alchemy process I might suggest a variety of things – including journalling and other creative practices.



Since my first 10 Day Silent Meditation (Vipassana) Retreat in 2005 i have completed two more, in 2013 and 2017, the last two as yoga teacher and then facilitator. 

I have a daily sitting meditation practice based in the Vipassana (insight meditation) tradition. I also have a daily yoga practice which is based on the Ashtanga primary series, and qualified as a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher at Samma Karuna School for Awakening and Healing in Thailand in 2017. I have also completed my Reiki I + II Certification, and am qualified to give hands on Reiki treatments.

My greatest teacher has always been my inner self, and I have learned the most through working through my own traumas and gradually healing into a healthy and happy human being. Of course this is a lifelong process and I will never claim to be ‘done’! or ‘cooked’ as some of the meditation teachers say. My professional qualifications are as below.

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Classical History, Monash University, 1997)
  • Grad Dip Applied Media (Swinburne University, 1998)
  • RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (Samma Karuna School of Awakening and Healing, Thailand, 2017)
  • Certified Reiki Level I + II Healer (Margot Brock, St Kilda, Melbourne, 2017 + 2019)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (Mindfulness Works Australia, 2018)
  • Facilitator at Vipassana Meditation Retreat (Wat Kow Tham Monastery, Thailand, 2013 / 2017)

It brings me great joy to be able to assist others in the deep and courageous journey of healing the self because the life transformations that result are so fantastic.

Feel free to contact me for more information about either courses and other events or a one-on-one session.



Are you looking for a deeper level of life? For more fulfillment, for more joy? Are you seeking relief from self judgement and self criticism

Are you wanting to understand why you might feel negativity towards yourself and wanting to unravel it?

I help people who are wanting to access a deeper lever of self love and self esteem and live a more joy filled life.

Find out a bit more about my story and why I do this work. I believe sincerely that all who teach the teachings of yoga, meditation, self empowerment are doing this first and foremost to heal themselves. This is where the journey starts, and it cannot be any other way. One who has not and is not walking the path themselves cannot be a guide for others. You know of the saying: you teach what you need to learn. This is very much my case. I am on the constant journey of coming back to self, of disconnecting to the inner monster voices and coming back to love. This is a neverending process.

My focus is on assisting you to live your greatest life through healing trauma and clearing negative beliefs and dissolving blocks in your energetic system. I do this work through a combination of physical, mental and emotional processes: Inner Alchemy!

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