Melbourne – Saigon, Sept 11th 2014


Soft white fluffy clouds like

Fairy floss fill the sky

Whole continents of pearly peaks

Passing by

My window pane

Is it Brunei or Vietnam

That other land down below

The gleaming cloud kingdom

I fly through

While I listen to Joni Mitchell

And think of you


She sings of pretty men telling

Pretty lies, as I

I float through the skies

And I think of you

Beautiful man, beautiful eyes

Grey like the full moon at night


Piano chords punctuate her

Lilting soprano voice

Singing of hopeless romantics

In dark cafés, while I

I float through the skies


Through the kindgom of clouds

That pass me by


She i son a lonely road and she is

Travelling, travelling, travelling, travelling

Looking for something

What can it be


All she wants to do is to

Bring out the best in her and in he


And me, this is all I wanted too


I am in a lonely sky and I am

Floating, floating, floating, floating

Looking for a sign to lead me to


My destiny


Wanting only to see you, to hold you

To make you feel free


To feel your beating heart once more

Up against me