The Magic of Deep Listening

The Magic of Deep Listening

I have recently returned to my home base after four months wandering the globe – in India and then in beautiful New Zealand.

I have known that a change was in the air but have not been sure exactly how it would manifest. I was wanting to know, with certainty, what are my next steps, but I kept not knowing.

Until I remembered: to slow down and meditate. To access your inner knowing, the wisdom of your higher self, you need to allocate space and time for that wisdom to speak to you. And for me that means sitting in meditation, without any desires. Just relaxing into the space of pure being, pure consciousness, and allowing whatever arises to arise. Allowing whatever wants to be birthed, to come in. Allowing whatever wants to leave, to leave, metaphorically speaking.

In our society that encourages us to be busy, and through this encouragement gives us the subliminal message that busy = successful human, it can be hard to remember that in order to be in deep contact with our inner selves, we need to carve out time and space for that.

It’s just like a friendship. To maintain a close friendship, you need to make time and space to be with your friend. You need to give non-judgmental, loving attention to your friend. And when your friend does the same for you, communication can happen. A relationship with our higher self is much the same. And just like our friendships can et neglected through not enough time spent with friends, so our relationship with our deeper self can get so neglected that we have forgotten how to make contact.

To make contact we just need to listen deeply with a non-judgmental and loving awareness, to ourselves.

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