Are you living your soul’s truth? 8 Questions to help you find out

Are you living your soul’s truth? 8 Questions to help you find out

There are a few different levels on which we are living at the same time.

There is the material level, negotiating the material world, there is the personal level, being the daughter or son, husband or wife, sister or brother, mother or grandmother, and there is the spiritual or soul level.

The question is – from where are we directing our lives?

From which level are we operating? Which power is directing our lives?

In the process of awakening spiritually, we are gradually forced by our soul to be true to ourselves. Living lives that are not in alignment with our highest self and our highest calling becomes more and more difficult. We lose all motivation to go to jobs that don’t resonate with us. We lose interest in friendships with people who have grown in a different direction and are no longer aligned with who we are. And that persistent voice of the soul which may have been a whisper, becomes louder and louder if we ignore it.

That voice is the call of your soul. It is your inner guidance system. It’s like the navigation system on a ship. It knows where you are going, even if sometimes you feel like you yourself don’t.

So if you are living out of alignment with your soul, and you are here reading this, you are most likely going to be travsersing some difficult territory. The universe is expanding and shifting at a faster rate than before, and you will likely be rocked and jolted into making the changes needed to align with your highest good. Because source energy will no longer be OK with you hiding or playing small or being afraid to be who you truly are.

The thing is, we only have one option: to be who we truly are.

Anything else will feel fake to us and will not resonate, and if we insist on being that anyway, then it will feel like we are playing a role in our lives, like an actor reading from a script. We feel like we are playing a part in someone else’s play, but that we never signed on for that, and so we wonder what we are doing here. Acting was not really something that we wanted to do so why do we feel like an actor in our own lives.

8 Questions to ask yourself to discover if you are living in alignment with your soul’s truth

  1. When you wake up in the morning what is your first thought or feeling? Are you happy to be alive and have another day ahead of you to live and to share?
  2. When you receive intuition from your higher self, it maybe that you should speak to someone, or enrol in a course or study, do you act on your feeling or do you hear it and ignore it?
  3. Do you naturally gravitate towards people who affirm and uplift you as a matter of course? Or do you find yourself around people who denigrate you in subtle or not so subtle ways?
  4. Do you always speak the truth in your heart knowing that only by being true to yourself can you be in healthy relationship with others?
  5. Do you ever use other people or situations (I am a mother, I work a lot, etc.) as excuses for why you can’t do what your heart longs for you to do?
  6. Are you able to be happy just being who you are, without having to boost your self esteem through running through your achievements or acquisitions?
  7. Do you feel like you are the sovereign in the land of you? Are you the queen or king of your ship? Is it you who says who can and cannot journey aboard with you?
  8. If not, what are the reasons why you would not be sovereign in your own land? Who or what is stopping you from putting on your crown?

Take some time to answer the questions and see how they resonate for you.

They may spark further questions that will help you discover how much you are really living who you truly are.

New Earth

Many of us on the spiritual journey resonate with the creation of a New Earth: where love and connection are the core values of our societies; where human needs and animal and plant needs are in harmony; where it is understood that we are only as strong together as the strength of our weakest link; where it is understood that we are all in this together.

And where it is understood that all disharmony on the outer level comes from disharmony within.

All wars on the external plane begin first inside of us. They begin with us not accepting our shadow. When we don’t accept and integrate the shadow parts of ourselves, they can then become the unconscious motivator of our actions. We get aggressive and act out and we don’t know why. Or we get very sad and turn inwards unsure of where the sadness comes from.

But as a being on the path of awakening, you, instead, turn to face your shadows and you integrate them. You alchemize them – or, as Swami Rudi suggested, you eat them! They are then digested, and anything that needs purging is purged, and the rest is channeled into creativity and love.

You have an important role in the creation of this new Earth. And your soul knows what that is. So if you find yourself feeling stuck, lost or confused, try checking in with your inner self through meditation, and listen to what it is that is calling you. What does you soul wish to experience?

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