Drop Deep into Your Core and Feel

Drop Deep into Your Core and Feel

What are you going through right now? What are your current challenges? What are you currently working with releasing? Are you going from struggle and resistance to allowing and back again?

Whatever it is, try this week to drop deeper into the core of who you are.

Whenever whatever the challenge arises within you are you feel resistance or anger or sadness about that certain thing, see if you are able to drop deeper into presence with that thing.

Really drop deep into your inner self and allow the full feeling of whatever is arising. If the resistance is intense, allow all of it. If you are overwhelmed by sadness allow tears. But keep dropping deeper and deeper into your core. Remember to breathe deeply as you drop in.

What you might start to find is more space arising within you. You might start to find that whatever you think is a problem is actually information for your next level of growth.

I am back in Australia this week, and I am available for sessions if you would like to practice this with me.

Just a few spots available. Sliding scale of payment from $60 – $150, whatever feels right for you.


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