How much do you want it?

How much do you want it?

I was speaking with a friend the other day about something that is important to her.

It’s a thing which is a bit of a mystery to her. It is something which is not currently in her experience, but she wants it to be in her experience. It is something that she knows is possible, but because she hasn’t yet felt it, she doesn’t know the colour, the sound, the cadence, the depth of this thing.

But she knows she wants it and she is walking towards it.

So I asked her – how much do you want it?

I said maybe that was the question that she needed to ask herself. To sleep on it. How much do you really want it? And what are you prepared to do for it?

We are here to experience the expansion of ourselves, beyond what we thought was previously possible. This is why people do things like climb mount Everest – to push the limits of the possible – to expand their world and their experience.

Personally, I get the Everest thing, but climbing mountains has never been my streeeeeeettch point. It doesn’t hold all that much interest for me.

My Everest is more like performing my own songs in public. This is the thing that most scares me most and the mountain I am interested in climbing. Because on the other side of that fear is joy and happiness at having shared my he(art).

What is it that you really want right now?


How much do you want it?


What are you prepared to do for it?


What ideas about it – and how it will come or manifest – are you prepared to let go of?


How much does it mean to you – to have, experience, or achieve that thing?


What is on the other side?


What version of you will you expand into once you have achieved or / experienced that thing?


What is your next level of joy and fulfilment?


I recently did my pilot launch for the Self Elevation Society. This was a mountain for me, but not an Everest, more like a Mount Kosiusko – which is the highest mountain here in Australia, and which I climbed with my family when I was about 12.

What I wanted from that experience was to feel seen, heard, and met, and to connect with like minded souls on a similar life journey.

I also wanted to prove to myself that I was able to make this online business thing work, and create money for myself and others. The me on the other side of this experience was a me who is more confident in my abilities to generate abundance and make my living through sharing my gifts. And I was able to do this with this pilot ‘Self Elevation Show’.

I was able to put into practice everything I have learned in my nearly ten years in the digital media world (seven years with The Global Yogi and now two years with this current site) to make the launch of the SES a success.

And then of course – there is all the inner alchemy that has also contributed to this recent success.

What do you really want?

Share in the comments your answers to the questions above – or whichever answers you are comfortable sharing.

I would love to hear about what is calling you right now. 🙂

Pic is me at my recent Garden Art Show + Sale with my friend Sia’s painting on left and my painting on right.

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