The Antidote to Depression = Self Expression

Autumn, one of the pieces that will be at my upcoming Exhibition, the You-Ni-Verse.


What if everything that we call mental illness was really a reflection of an illness in the whole society?

And what if the people that we call mentally ill are actually the more sane ones – they are the super sensitive ones who cannot tolerate the status quo and so their souls rebel, and they develop coping mechanisms for surviving in mad world like dissociation, controlling behaviours, obsessive compulsive disorders.

What if these so called disorders and illnesses were actually a natural response to a disordered and ill society?

What if, they are actually – as believed in the indigenous communities of the Americas – more like the seers and the prophets, sent to show us where we have lost the way?

Our society is one where in school, children are encouraged to work out their future ‘job’ instead of their hearts deepest longing. (Because, Psst: actually, that’s the reason we are here). Where from our earliest days we are trained up to be a well functioning unit in a society built on ideas that are not ours (we have come for evolution!). Where careers counsellors present us with a spread sheet of all of the things you are allowed to do to earn the money which humans invented in order to live a life in this abundant planet that naturally provides for all of us but whose resources and gifts are not equally distributed.

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