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4 Ways to Check in with Yourself to Move Into Your Next Iteration

How do you move closer to the new version of you that is free from old thought and behaviour patterns that limited you?
There are a few different things that we need to take into account when looking at our personal evolution – when looking at why we are stuck and not moving forward in a particular area of life.

What is going on in your energy system?

  • Is your breathing deep or shallow?
  • If you are breathing shallowly (your breath is just going down only just into your lungs but not down to your diaphragm), then you are not getting enough prana (life energy), for your full embodiment
  • You might be mainly living in your head.
  • Check in with your breath: are you breathing deeply?
  • Are you energised?
  • Can you feel your limbs?
  • Are you grounded when you walk or are you tending to float upwards?
  • Where is your centre of gravity?

Are you living in your head?

  • Are you so engaged with your thought stream that you are not really connected with your life energy?
  • Just take a minute now and check in with your body.
  • Where is your energy?
  • Is it circulating through the whole body or is it mainly in your head?
  • Is your whole head buzzing with thoughts?
  • If your thinking is circular, then it’s likely that your energy is concentrated in your head.

What is your speech for?

  • Are you speaking in order to be the focus of other people’s attention? (ie: Is your speech just a way of getting the attention of others?)
  • Are you speaking so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable feelings?
  • Is your speech to complain and make others feel sorry for you?
  • Or is your speech to communicate something meaningful to the other person that will be enriching for you both?

What are you using your life energy for?

  • Is it to enjoy yourself and benefit others?
  • Is it to go deeper into your personal projects – write, create, make art, or build a house?
  • Is it employed in service of constructing something?
  • Or is it to ruminate, obsess, overthink and get anxious worrying about the past and the future?

It doesn’t matter what your answers are to these questions – this is not about self judgement in any way.

It’s about taking a microscope and looking at what is going on energetically at the subconscious level so that you can see if the way you are moving through life is helping you move forward or keeping you stuck.

Generally, if we are not fully embodied – if some part of us is not feeling safe to be fully here in the world – it will be the result of trauma. There are lots of different ways of healing trauma – and that’s too big a discussion for here, but for me, a deep therapeutic, embodied yoga practice is one powerful way. 

If you are wanting to go deeper into this investigation, feel free to download my Radical Self Love Quiz: 13 Questions that just may change your life.

Download the Radical Self Love Quiz.

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