Our Psyche as a Forest

What is it like to take the inner journey of life?

To meet with who you really are?

What is it like to walk deep into your inner self, and meet all the resistance, all of the blocks and all of your beliefs and behaviour patterns with absolute love and acceptance?

The inner journey is like a journey into the forest.

And like a forest, we are vast and we contain multitudes.

And like the forest is an apothecary - it holds all of the plants that we need to heal and to grow; our inner self is also like the apothecary. It holds all the keys to our own growth, self love and blossoming.

But sometimes if we are afraid of what we might find, we don't want to walk into the forest on our own.

We see it as a dark and a scary place full of different monsters who will jump in front of us as soon as we are really alone.

Being Held In Love

What if with the support of loving people, you could take the journey into your inner being without fear?

What if what was to be found there was really an absolute treasure chest of riches? What if, with the support of a guide, and a team of loving beings cheering you on, you were able to lovingly meet yourself today?

And what if, along this journey, you were able to slowly access the parts of you that felt stuck, and with your own open energy and with an attitude of curiosity, love and attention, help them to flow again?


You YOU-NI-VERSE is you-nique to you.

You are the only one of you on this Earth, and someone exactly like you will never come again.

Your You-Ni-Verse is an absolutely magical and dynamic place.

Within you are whole worlds – unexplored territories that you may have so far not even imagined.

What if there was a process, where, on the journey inside of you, you could slowly untangle all of the brambles that are blocking your path ahead?

And what if, when untangled, your journey started to become much clearer, you could see a light and a space through the forest.

Suddenly – you are no longer afraid, and you walk with confidence on this path.

Monthly Journeying

Each month, on the date of the new moon, we will take a virtual journey together, into your YOU-NI-VERSE. You will be guided by Michelle, a long time journeyer on this path of self knowledge.

Each month we will have a different topic as the focus of your journey together, and we will investigate this topic together in the sacred (virtual) space held by Zoom.

Our Journeys will take place on the New Moon each month, which brings in the powerful energy of potentiality – space for the new to arise.

We will use the quiet and the dark of the new moon energy to support our inner journeying.

The next JOURNEY will be on the date of the NEW MOON of JUNE 3rd, 2019.

Your Journey Guide, Michelle

I feel very deeply and I channel my feelings through writing, art and music. It’s a challenge living in the century we live in, for me. I feel I belong more to the 17th or 18th centuries. Around the time of Mozart.

As an empath I have the ability to sense and intuit things about other people. I am able to see and feel what it is that they are holding back and not saying, or what erroneous beliefs they have taken on.

I can walk into a room and I know at once who is angry, who is happy, who is conflicted, who is depressed.

Having these gifts can be a double-edged sword, as you can easily start to think that because you have access to the feelings of others, that you are also causing them in some way. Which is not true. But that can take a lifetime to learn.

My formal qualifications are:

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Classical History, Monash University, 1997)
  • Grad Dip Applied Media (Swinburne University, 1998)
  • RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (Samma Karuna School of Awakening and Healing, Thailand, 2017)
  • One Month Intensive Ashtanga Yoga Course with Vijay Kumar, Mysore, India (2018)
  • Certified Reiki Level I + II Healer (Margot Brock, St Kilda, Melbourne, 2017 + 2019)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (Mindfulness Works Australia, 2018)
  • Facilitator at Vipassana Meditation Retreat (Wat Kow Tham Monastery, Thailand, 2013 / 2017)

Some of my teachers on this path are:

  • Acharya Premananda, Open Eyes Meditation, Mallorca / Norway / Switzerland
  • Greg and Tracy Cooper, Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne
  • Vijay Kumar, Ashtanga Yoga Sadhana, Mysore, India
  • Anthony Markwell, Vipassana Meditation, Koh Phagnan, Thailand
  • Gaia Pollini, Therapist and F*ckit Life Co-Founder, Italy
  • Gabor Mate, Psychologist and Healer
  • Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual Teacher

Some kind words about my work:

"Attending Michelle’s Radical Self Love Retreat in Bali was an amazing experience, perfectly timed, and delivered all I was seeking and more. The location was perfect and I felt warmly welcomed and deeply nurtured from the moment I arrived until the moment I left.

Michelle created a beautiful, open, loving, safe space for me to connect with myself in ways I hadn’t realised that I could or even needed.

... Michelle is a lovely being and an amazing facilitator who is so clearly living and growing in self-love and who is also deeply drawn to helping others to dive deeper into themselves and deeper into their own self-loving journeys.

I would absolutely join another of Michelle’s retreats, and for anyone seeking a safe, loving space to connect with oneself on a deeper level, I’d highly recommend attending."

- Marianne Xola Galván, RSL Bali 2019

“Instructor was very personable, and shared her vulnerabilities. Very knowledgeable. Went the extra mile and wrote key messages on the whiteboard.”

“Michelle has an incredible story to tell and uses her personal experience really effectively. I could have heard more about her insights”

“Michelle Taffe is a wonderful presenter, genuine, open, honest, caring and immersed in what she is teaching and very engaging.”

~ Students from Mindfulness Works Australia courses, Geelong + Bendigo 2018.

JUNE 3rd: Help Me Decide!

The Theme for our JUNE Journey will be: ?

I need your input here as I am considering a couple of different options.

OPTION 1: We look at the Stages of the Hero's Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell. Each month we look at a new stage (we progress in order through the journey), and we look at different stories and myths and what happened to the hero in each one. We use this as a structure for looking at where we are at on our own life journey as the hero of our story.

OPTION 2: God and Goddess Archetypes. We investigate a different God or Goddess from different ancient cultures (Greek, Egyptian, Hindu for example) each month, looking at her or his mythic story and how we can channel the qualities and the energies of this particular figure in our own life.

Join the Journey

Format of this Evening: June 3rd, 2019 at 6pm (AEST)

This session will start off with some readings from a few different sources on our subject.

The readings will be followed by a short talk from Michelle.

Following this there will be an opportunity for you to share your feelings and thoughts around this topic, and what has arisen for you. Together we will dive into our inner energy flow and be curious and loving towards all that we discover.

DATE: Monday June 3rd:

TIME: 6pm – 7:30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

PRICE: for this evening is is a one-off payment of AUD $25.

Click the link below to join (credit card only).