Spiritual Mentoring Sessions via Skype

Are you in need of some one-on-one help to understand and overcome a recurrent life situation or pattern?

Have you recognised that your situation may have something to do with unresolved childhood trauma and resulting negative or conflictive belief systems?

Perhaps you would like support in overcoming whatever may be blocking you from creating the life of your dreams?

I offer one-on-one Skype consulting sessions to help you heal and resolve childhood traumas, as well as in empowering you to create and manifest happiness and success in life on your terms.

My approach is founded in my Buddhist practice of Mindfulness or Insight meditation. The difference between what I offer and traditional psychotherapy is that I don’t encourage too much digging into the reasons behind our deep patterns or understandings of reality, though I believe it’s important to acknowledge them. It is more a question of letting the power of awareness shine through. I am the witness and the mirror for whatever you are going through. I provide a non-judgemental space where you can experience the wholeness of your being and the gifts that come with allowing both your shadows and your light to inform your understanding of your current situation. My yoga practice of 14 years also informs this work, as I use the body as the guide for where our emotional states and belief patterns lie. I am also a Reiki healer and will use Reiki energy, which is basically the energy of unconditional love, where appropriate.

I offer a sliding fee scale which is affordable for most people.

A 50 minute Session is priced at $US60 – $150 depending on your current financial situation.

*Discounts available for pre-purchased sessions of 5 or more blocks.

I offer a space of complete non-judgement and confidentiality. Find out more about me here.


Contact me to find out more or to book a session.


“I joined Michelle for her Radical Self Love yoga and meditation retreat, and I am so glad I did. The weekend consisted of meditation, workshops and yoga – all of which were challenging, and subsequently more rewarding. Michelle created a programme that fostered deep reflection and subsequently garnered profound personal insights.

As a very private person I thought I would be uncomfortable given the personal nature of the workshops, but Michelle created a warm, non judgemental, accepting space in which I felt comfortable sharing, and getting deep into the heart of things.

The time I spent with Michelle was really valuable, and many changes have come about in my life as a result. Thanks Michelle! X”

~ Annette Carlin, participant in Radical Self Love Retreat, Winter 2018