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Creativity as an inner alchemist

Creativity as an inner alchemist

I have loved all things creative all my life and have always found solace in creating beautiful things, whether it’s artworks, music or writing.

Using creativity to investigate your inner worlds is what artists have been doing from the beginning of time. For some artists, their subjects are primarily outside of themselves (landscape painters for example) but for many artists their focus is internal – their inner processes, their emotions, their soul.

What processes are you going through at the moment?

What gates are you perhaps stepping through?

What would it look like if you painted it or them?

What colours would you use?

I love that scene from my favourite childhood movie, The Neverending Story, where the main character has to walk between the sphinxes in order to continue his journey to rescue his mystical land from the grip of the Nothing. Anyone who does not fully believe in themselves, is struck down dead by the penetrating gaze of the Sphinxes. And the ground is littered with skeletons.

Here is a painting I did yesterday called Temple in the Rain. Inspired and originally conceived in Bali, this represents my stepping through the gates of self belief to transform and alchemise all of my own pain and sadness into magical gold dust that sparkles into manifesting my dreams.