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The Art of Self-Transformation Through the path of Non-Self

Self-transformation. Makeup by Christian Cairns
Makeup by Christian Cairns. Model: Michelle Taffe

Here at Inner Alchemy the motto is: The subtle art of self-transformation.

But being a follower of the teachings of the Buddha [aside: I don’t identify as a Buddh-ist as such as I am all about non-identification], but being an ardent admirer and profoundly grateful for the teachings of the awakened one (the literal meaning of the term ‘Buddha’), I accept that the concept of a self is nothing more than that: a concept.

What is our ‘self’, when we really come to think of it? Is it our name? Is it our birth date, is it the city we were born in, our astrological sign, is it the family we come from? Or is it our personality (constantly changing), our likes and dislikes (attraction and aversion also in a constant flux), our friends (also changing), our job (less fixed these days than ever before)? When we look at what comprises the self as we like to think of ourselves, we see that none of these things, whether they are facts (our date or birth, our name etc.) or constantly changing states, actually define who we are.

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