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Healing traumas with mindfulness practice and somatic experiencing

Healing traumas with mindfulness practice and somatic experiencing

We all have wounds from childhood.

Whether we had a wonderful childhood or a more challenging one, there will always have been things that we were not able to either understand or handle when we were children. These ‘things’ are behaviours of usually our close family members; how attentive they were to you, how present they were, how much they were available to you emotionally and allowed and encouraged your own emotional expression.

Because of the behaviours of our caregivers, we developed:

  1. coping mechanisms to deal with behaviours where we felt unseen, unheard, unacknowledged or unloved, which, if they are still active in adulthood, can end up seriously impacting your experience of life.
  2. beliefs about ‘how life is’ and ‘how people are’ based on these experiences.

We learned about love and what it is and life and and how to manage it during our childhood from our primary caregivers.

We learned whether we were conditionally or unconditionally loved. We learned whether we were inherently worthy or whether we had to prove ourselves. And we learned all of these things from flawed human people who also learned them from other flawed human people. And so this is how wounding is carried through the generations.

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