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Inner Freedom Silent Meditation Retreat

Inner Freedom Silent Meditation Retreat

Join me on this inaugural silent meditation retreat at the Atisha Centre, a retreat centre and Buddhist monastery near Bendigo in central Victoria.

Have you ever been curious about the power of silence and what it might be like to quiet the mind and go inwards? This is your chance to try it out!

Over the course of this two night and two day retreat, we will be practising silent meditation based on the Vipassana or ‘insight’ meditation tradition of Theravadin Buddhism.

Insight meditation practice is a process of delving into the secret workings of the mind so that you can slowly become free from the mental and emotional bondage – of being a slave to your thoughts and feelings.

For any of you who are queasy about Buddhism, know that the original Buddha – Siddhartha Gautama, who lived in India about 2500 years ago – never wanted for anyone to form a religion around him.

He is famous for telling people who came to him that he taught just two things: suffering, and the end of suffering. IE: What ‘suffering’ or ‘unsatisfactoriness’ (as it is often translated to in English) actually is, where it comes from and the path out of it.

People were so impacted by the profound nature of his teachings that, after he died, they began to organise all his talks into scriptures (or sutras – threads). And slowly Buddhism came into being. But it was always intended by the Buddha to be only a teaching for becoming free from suffering, essentially becoming free from the slavery of the untrained mind. So in keeping with the original Buddha, whose teachings are also the foundation of all modern day mindfulness practice, we will be sticking to the no-dogmatic path of mind training on this retreat.

Over the two days of this retreat, we will be doing guided and non-guided meditations, both sitting and walking, which will be supported by a morning and evening yoga practice. Our yoga will be Hatha style easy yoga which is accessible for all bodies and all ages.

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