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These Meditation Sessions are held each Friday on Zoom: they are hosted by the facilitators from Mindfuness Works, for the facilitators from Mindfulness Works. If you would like to host a session, please fill in the form at right.

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Are you fluent in the language of feeling? How mindfulness can help


Emotional Fluency. Oil painting by Michelle Taffe

Spiritual healer Teal Swan says that we are living in an emotional dark age, and that in the future this will become widely known. Most people are not aware at any given moment of what they actually feel, and many thought they may have an idea of what they are feeling, find it difficult to put into words.

Given that we are very much emotional beings, and our decisions are generally based very much on our inner feelings, if we are out of touch with our feelings and not fluent in the language of emotions, life is going to be all the more challenging.

So how do we become fluent in the language of feeling? And what is an emotional anorexic?

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Healing traumas with mindfulness practice and somatic experiencing

Healing traumas with mindfulness practice and somatic experiencing

We all have wounds from childhood. Whether we had a wonderful childhood or a more challenging one, there will always have been things that we were not able to either understand or handle when we were children. These ‘things’ are behaviours of usually our close family members; how attentive they were to you, how present… Continue Reading