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These Meditation Sessions are held each Friday on Zoom: they are hosted by the facilitators from Mindfuness Works, for the facilitators from Mindfulness Works. If you would like to host a session, please fill in the form at right.

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Ending Self-Sabotage patterns with Tonglen Meditation + LOVE

Ending Self-Sabotage patterns with Tonglen Meditation + LOVE

Do you have any self-sabotage patterns that show up in your life?

Perhaps they have been showing up for years and each time they show up again, you beat yourself up with the mantra of: why is this happening to me, again?!

I get it. Yes, I have been there too. And probably every human being.

The thing is, we are here to learn and grow. To grow and learn. And to love and enjoy and recognise ourselves as the powerful creator of our world and our reality. And that’s pretty much it. Which is not to say that that path is a smooth or easy one to follow. Far from it. It is a long and winding path that spirals inwards and outwards, ever onwards and ever deeper.

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