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The Snail and the Fish

I am a creator
Said the snail to the fish
I make my own slime
See how it comes out
Just like this?

I walk my own path
And leave a shining silver trail
I build my own shell
See how hard and strong it is?

Me too I am a creator
Said the fish to the snail
As he jumped high out of the water
And the sun sparkled on his scales

Look at the dance I make
As I leap into the sky
You thought us fish could only swim
But see, we also fly

Underwater too I am making things
I decorate a water cave with my fins
I dive down deep where only starfish live
And I light up my tail so the
Dark is less dim

But can you do this?
The snail said as he
Punched a hole in a leaf
Made it pointy in the middle
And then put it on his head

You see now I am king of the snails
With my green leaf crown
And my regal gaze
Before me all will bow down
In a snaily reverie…

The snail kingdom will celebrate
All hail the mightiest of snails
Our beloved king and leader of the trails
‘Tell us’, they will say, ‘what is your greatest wish?
And who is this, your friend the fish?’

The fish jumped out again
High in the air
And mid flight he yelled
But it’s a joke, don’t you see?
He is not a king
He is just wearing a leaf!

He thinks he is the greatest creator snail
Just because he leaves a silvery trail
But look behind you and you will also see
That glimmering trail stretching behind thee!

He is not the only artist snail
Each and every one of you
Can leave a trail
So remember that you too are strong

You too can punch a hole in a leaf
And step onto the throne
This whole king thing it’s just a game
So my friend snail here
Can get a bit more fame..

You see when he sees all the snails salute him
He finally feels that he’s made it
He’s at the top
No one else can tear him down
Because he’s the king snail
He wears the crown

But you don’t need a leafy hat
In order to feel that you measure up
You are all regal snails
Beautiful, strong and free
Making your trails
Living your destiny

All hail the kingdom of glorious snails
All hail the schools of flying fish
The slimy ones in a shell with a leafy hat
The feisty ones sporting shimmering scales
Some leaving behind a glistening path
And the others flashing in a sparkly arc